I recently received an email with a kind reminder that Sink readers have been waiting patiently for new content and that, at bare minimum, a status update would be appropriate. Too right– I should have posted one quite awhile ago! Sorry! ^^’

To quickly recap the reason for this long hiatus: At the beginning of 2017 I quit my office job of thirteen years to pursue my dream career of being self-employed as an illustrator and graphic designer. I’m really happy and loving my job but it requires even more hours than I was putting in at the office– which has left very little room for personal projects. On top of that, I’ve been dealing with an auto-immune disorder and, while it has improved greatly over the last year, I’m often blind-sided with new symptoms and feel like I’m on a continuous learning curve trying to manage my health.

Those issues aside, I did work on Sink last year– mostly just thumbnailing new pages and polishing designs for characters that will be introduced soon in the chapter. Resuming updates on Sink is a major goal for 2018 and I’ll be posting WIP and update information on my Tumblr account– please follow along there if you’re interested in behind-the-scenes content. Otherwise, the best way to keep up with the comic is by following it on Top Web Comics or Piperka, either of which will notify you when new pages are finally added.

Again, I’m sorry for the continued hiatus but I will be posting new pages this year and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the patience and kindness of this comic’s readers– I haven’t received one piece of hate-mail, yet, and I find that both surprising and wonderful. ~_^

Thank you! 🙂